asus router setup
Asus router setup

How to Login Asus Router Web GUI Setting Page Using Https?

Accessing the Asus router setting page is crucial as you have to run the router to its finest state possible. When you are running it, it’s imperative to log in to it because without it, things may not turn out the correct way and you may not enjoy the internet easily. Let’s follow the browser details further. Doing the router setup via the Asus router login page lets you enjoy effortless streaming of the internet with ease. Let’s figure it out precisely. 

Right Way to log in to the Asus Router with Ease

If you want to open the site of the Asus router, it’s compulsory to see the link of router dot Asus dot com. Follow the below steps to get into the details:- 

  • Enter the router page of the Asus site by opening the link in the URL section of the browser. 
  • Now click on the advanced section and get to the link When you put it in the browser for the first time, the warning message will appear as the browser will require the signed certificate that will verify the identity of your device. There is a default certificate hidden inside the router that won’t require the signing of it. It’s a self-signed certificate that comes with the router.  
  • Type the address on the URL bar of the browser like “HTTPS://” and “:8443”.  
  • In case you have changed the port number, get the revised port number after the address in replacement of default 8443. 

How to Make Your Site Secure by Downloading Certification & Updating Browser?

  • Your site can become secure if you update the certification on your browser. The HTTPS will assure that you have a trusted certificate. Follow these steps if you want to do this: 
  • Login to the web GUI by visiting the administration>system tab
  • Now download the certificate by clicking on the export button. When you do this, you will find a file. 
  • Now unzip the file. 
  • Double click on the file. This will give the file a run command. 
  • You will see confirmation info about “Install Certification”.  
  • See “Current user” and get on the “Next” section. 
  • Here, you will see the “Place all certificates in the following store” option. Select the “Trusted root certification authorization” and hit “ok”. 
  • Tap on “Next”. 
  • Click on the “Finish” option. 
  • Now touch on the “Yes” section to accomplish the installation of the certificate. 
  • It’s time to tap on “Ok” to finish the installation certificate. 
  • Shut the browser and reopen it. You can type for login purposes. Do this by typing the URL in the browser section. While doing this, you will neither see the “Warning page in the browser” nor see the “Not Secure” before the URL bar.  

How Can You Remove the Https Not Secure Warning Page?

A warning message will be seen if you are trying to access the Asus router with the help of HTTPS in the browser. This happens because the browser needs a signed certificate to understand the identity of the device. The certificate already given to the router is self-signed and can never fulfill the default SSL policy of the browser. When you do this, your connection status will show as “Not Secure” in the URL bar. 

How Can You Change the Port Number of Your Asus Router?

Sometimes, the router.asus.login won’t work and to do this, you need to change the port number of the Asus router. Make sure you know that before setting up the port forwarding for the HTTP server, a personal computer on the internet must not connect to your server or PC via the HTTP. To do this, follow the below steps: 

  • Select the “HTTP” section while visiting the basic configuration section. You will see the “HTTP” from the “famous server list” item. Choose the local IP by seeing the port range for the HTTP server. 
  • Enter the server LAN IP address like “”.  
  • Hit tap “Edit” and then tap click on the “Apply”.  

Way to Check If the Port Has Successfully Been Setup with the HTTP Server

  • Before checking the port status, make sure the HTTP server is running. 
  • Be sure that you have a personal computer connected outside your local area network using the internet. Also, be sure that we should not connect this particular computer with the Asus router. 
  • Run the web browser on the outside PC along with the key in the WAN IP address in the URL bar. If the port forwarding is a success, you will get access to the web page given by the HTTP server. 

Find Another Way to Get Your Asus Router via HTTPS

Asus routers are ruling all over the world. With its gaming routers range that is precisely designed for the gaming lovers out there in the society and the regular usage routers range, you can achieve the accurate internet with comfort. Using the routers for heavy internet can cause issues in them over some time and that’s why we have come up with the technical support team who are going to help you out resolve the Asus router login issue via HTTPS. See our site to know more!

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